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    Not Active Posting Season Yet

Unfortunately, or fortunately our active score posting season is set in advance and is not able to be changed by flipping a switch. About a decade ago we move from October 31st to November 30th to expand our score posting season by another month. Then, about five years ago we moved our active score posting season on the front end back from April 1st to March 15th.  Both times the weather trends supported this move.

This year, the last 20 days have seen an average high temperature of almost 12° above normal, with record setting highs on three of those days.  In addition, eight of those days with the highs in the 50s and Thursday and Friday in the 60’s.

Obviously, this is not the norm, and we will get cold weather again starting tomorrow. And while we love this weather, our golf facilities, and the courses themselves, are really not in a position, to adequately staff the demands that are placed on them.  On top of the fact our turf is not really growing yet which leads to softer conditions and bumpy greens and that's just a fact of winter golf.

For more about winter golf here's a video from the USGA.

We will keep an eye on the weather trends and adjust our active season if warranted in the years to come. 

Source: MiamiValleyGolf.org


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